THE SEIRYU Villa History

Villas blessed by the gods
A luxurious vacation to be had in every suite room

The Seiryu comes with affluent treasures of Japanese art and philosophy. Virtually all corners of public area within the villas are gingered up with the artistic elements of dragons and samurai sword. Right from the entrance to the last unwinding abode in the room, this theme is always present. Unlike usual gallery, "this exhibition" opens near you around the clock. Aside from the theme above, four seasons in Japan are also presented through the paintings in sakura floral motif. As the spirit of The Seiryu intended for couple, these ornaments are entirely encouraging the harmony of couple.

  • Buddha Mahavairochana is nestled right at the entrance before the lobby. It's made from carved thick glass. Its name is Butsuzo, a Japanese term referring to all types of Buddha statuary regardless from whatever materials used to make it. Literally, it stands for "the Radiant One" and represents the infinite light or life. Meanwhile, its blue color conveys pure consciousness.
  • Byakko is twin sakura dragons. This painting betokens a partnership and be made on 8 pieces of canvas with the motif of colorful sakura flowers. Shown at lobby, as if these compatible twin dragons cordially welcome every guest.
  • Genbu or dragon fossil composed of wooden fossil, greenery, rocks and sand is meant to symbolize togetherness in harmony. These dragons abide in the garden, in front of the lobby area.
  • Sujyaku is the most unique dragon as only appears at night. It's composed of shower of lights in the form of shadowgraph puppetry. As this brilliant light looks, it depicts the happiest age of life. Like your traveling, both equally search for the pleasure to enrich the life.
  • Seiryu is the twin dragons as portrayed behind the reception. These figures illustrate the strength of relationship. No matter how difficult the problem faced by the couple, the high zeal and strong relationship of them will be able to resolve it.
  • Samurai swords engendered by the effect of lights along the hallway leading to villas and used as door's grip symbolize inseparable unity or unbreakable relationship. It's the key spirit for couple to reach an everlasting harmony.

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