SEMINYAK VILLA A1 applies the concept of HARU /Spring

Wall over the bedroom is nicely embellished with colorful scattering cherry blossoms. This atmosphere drives cheerful mood and draw people to admire its beauty though it only lasts for short period.

Gazebo, a variety of sakura flowers compose a circle that probably represents how alluring the love is. Pink color has close nuance to light purple that equally helps develop the imagination. Leonardo da Vinci believes that the power of meditation increases under influence of this color.

View at poolside sundeck. When the cherry blossom comes out, it's time to enjoy the fresh atmosphere outside under the mood of such tempting colorful flowers.

At dining area is set up a Kanji calligraphy saying "SEI" conveying tranquility and cherry blossoms also scatter around the wall. Here tranquility and beauty merge in blissful moment that will pamper your mind and imagination.

At living room lay seven pieces of canvas bring to life an image of dancing sakura dragon sprinkled with colorful sakura or cherry blossoms. They kindle and enliven the life of couple all the times.

THE SEIRYU Villa Concept

The Seiryu Villas Seminyak