SEMINYAK VILLA A2 applies the concept of NATSU /Summer

Sunshine warms up the bedroom from the wall over the bed. Hopefully, the warmth exuded would invariably drive new vivacity in living your life together.

In dining area is set up a Kanji calligraphy saying "RYU" meaning dragon. It aims at representing an artistic, intellectual and spiritual element to drive harmony within the self.

Wall of living room evenly emanates the sunshine to every corner of the room and your heart will be warmed up so the spirit keeps on blazing in maintaining the romance and facing the future life.

Gazebo, sunshine spreads around the wall like an explosion of fireworks in the silent sky. They do not only enlighten the night under millions of stars but also give an amazing beauty in the hope that similar magnificence also transpires in the path of your life.

Luxuriating in the heat of direct sunshine at poolside sundeck will give a new mood after the spring. Let the mind be relaxed for a while before dissolved in your routines.

THE SEIRYU Villa Concept

The Seiryu Villas Seminyak