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SEMINYAK VILLA A3 applies the concept of AKI /Autumn

In bedroom, leaves fall down on the wall with the combination of yellow, orange and brown depicting the autumn has come. Hopefully, it would not diminish your spirit in living the life. Let's imagine it is the time where children go out seeing the color of autumn and hunt insect cheerfully with their friends.

At dining area is set up a Kanji calligraphy saying "SEI" meaning tranquility. By nature, everyone looks for tranquility as it poses the foundation of mind to think, speak and act well. It can be begun everywhere, including at dining area where you eat food for the life and mind.

Rejoicing the poolside sundeck view is an interlude to get new vivacity and inspiration for the next activity.


In living room, the leaves also fall down where they are illumined by the orange main lamp as the color of falling leaves. It gives a nuance and strengthens the atmosphere of autumn.

At gazebo is also suspended a painting illustrating the fall of leaves. It is intended to always present the ambience of autumn around you so that its nuance can be experienced at every minute of your stay.

THE SEIRYU Villa Concept