SEMINYAK VILLA A4 applies the concept of AKI /Autumn

At bedroom, leaves remain to fall down from the wall and it persistently highlights the combination of yellow, brown and orange color. These colors represent the enthusiasm and vibrancy.

Paintings about the leaves falling down are also scattering up to living room to beautify and emphasize the ambience of autumn.

At gazebo, orange color dominates the nuance of leaves that are falling down. In harmony with the function of gazebo, the color also stands for balance and warmth.

Dining area is adorned with Kanji calligraphy saying "RYU" meaning dragon. As the central theme of the property, once again dragon is presented in order every single dweller gets the spirit of it.

Poolside sundeck view brings you a pleasure and relaxing mind in the midst of autumn.

THE SEIRYU Villa Concept

The Seiryu Villas Seminyak