VILLA B1 applies the concept of HARU /Spring

Cherry blossoms scatter around the bedroom embellishing the room along with its content. This ambience triggers and jazzes up vibrant mood and of course enhances the romance.

Cherry blossoms also scatter around the wall of living area. Again, your heart is pampered with the shower of beauty exuded by the flowers. Like the spread of flower garden, they invite to admire.

At dining area, breakfast menu on the table is also decorated with cherry blossoms and bright color of the chair. As if it cordially greets and reminds you that now the spring has come. Let's enjoy it.

At the margin of dining area and living area is set up the painting of colorful cherry blossoms forming a huge circle. Like flower garland, as if it amicably welcomes and greets you all the time when you pass by.

On the wall of gazebo is suspended a painting of cherry blossoms in various colors. Again and again, the beauty of spring is showcased to relax and release the mind from tension and stress. Find out as many as words in your mind to express their beauty.

Poolside sundeck view takes your mind to beautiful place somewhere, maybe in the very bottom of your heart.

THE SEIRYU Villa Concept

The Seiryu Villas Seminyak