VILLA B2 applies the concept of NATSU /Summer

Bedroom is embellished with tropical blooming flowers in the hope your heart will be blooming, too. Share this beauty with your beloved one and whisper that your love last longer than the flower. Yours is an endless love.

Dining room is decorated by a very large painting conveying the allurement of tropical flower when it comes out emanating typical scent. As if this painting takes you to care of the flowers in your heart's garden in order they can grow larger as the painting.

Lord of the Sun illumines the living room so that various kinds of tropical flower bloom and show off their splendor. Again, with the shower of beauty, as if you explore a wide beautiful garden where flowers greet you at every single step.

At gazebo, the tropical flowers are also blooming. They are ready to accompany you wherever you go or unwind.

While relaxing at poolside sundeck under the stinging sunshine, keep your flowers in order they do not wither and die.

THE SEIRYU Villa Concept

The Seiryu Villas Seminyak