VILLA B3 applies the concept of FUYU /Winter

Living room is robed by snow falling from the wall and covers all things with solid white. But do not let your heart quiver and wrap it with the warmth of your love until the winter goes by.

At the edge of dining room and living room lay down the spread of snow covering the stones. Outside may be cold, but your vivacity inside should keep on blazing. With the one you love, no matter how many seasons to face, they mean nothing as long as your love shines.

Similarly, in living room snow also gets outspread covering the stones with snow white as the color of all pillows. White is the symbol of power, wealth and elegance. Though it's cold outside, you remains to have confidence that the power inside poses the supreme strength to nourish the love and life.

Gazebo is not free from the wadding of snow. Nevertheless, you are still able to rejoice in the beauty of the season. Wrap your body and warm up you heart, your love is never influence by surrounding changes. It's immortal.

Poolside sundeck view is the only place that is not touched by sprinkles of snow. Enjoy the leisure with your eternal love.

THE SEIRYU Villa Concept

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