VILLA B4 applies the concept of AKI /Autumn

Bedroom in the nuance of yellow and falling leaves denote the concept of AKI. No beautiful flowers or no evergreen leaves are the journey of times. Facing this ambience, patience is required until the season changes. But with pure love, all seasons are the same as it's only the matter of time. All will come periodically to meet your eternal love.

Dining room is adorned with the falling yellow leaves. Season also influences your activity. But the spirit inside may not change. Make it blaze all the times in line with your love.

In living room lies a contorting dragon among the falling leaves. Give spirit to hold on and make sure that another season will come soon.

A painting of dragon (AKI DRAGON) contorted since the leaves are unable to cover his body and they fall together. It needs warmth to protect its body and expects the seasons promptly ends.

At Gazebo, leaves are falling beyond the circle. Everywhere you can see bare trees. They are preparing new green leaves for the next season. Soon, you will observe green beauty. It's the way to make the trees eternal, like your love.

One time you may be serious and another time you need to relax. Enjoy the surrounding view from gazebo. It's a different perspective of seeing the same place, at your villa.

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