the seiryu villas seminyak


The Seiryu comes with affluent treasures of Japanese art and philosophy. Virtually all corners of public area within the villas are gingered up with the artistic elements of dragons and samurai sword. Right from the entrance to the last unwinding abode in the room, this theme is always present. Unlike usual gallery, "this exhibition" opens near you around the clock. Aside from the theme above, four seasons in Japan are also presented through the paintings in sakura floral motif. As the spirit of The Seiryu intended for couple, these ornaments are entirely encouraging the harmony of couple.

What is the Seiryu (Silent dragon) ?

The statue of the Buddha "Mahā vairocana" placed at the entrance represents "Silence". People believe that "Mahā vairocana" brings enlightenment and interconnection to all things.

"Dragon" The eight holy dragons can be seen swimming at the main entrance. The symbol of the holy dragons, the yellow dragon, completes the pantheon of holy dragons.

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